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Paw Pals LLC

Proudly serving the pets and people of Wilmington, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

All Policies are Subject to Change

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Payment Policy / Cancellation Policy / Fees:

Payment Methods:

   PAW PALS LLC accepts cash and local checks for payment

Pet Sitting Services: Paw Pals LLC is not accepting new Pet Sitting Clients at this time.

Payment - All payment for pet sitting is due before Client’s departure date.

Last Minute Appointments - Client agrees to pay a $30 Last Minute Fee to PAW PALS LLC for any reservations that need to be set up within less than 72 hours.

Early Return to Home or Late Departure from Home- Reservations are made to plan for sitter availability for Client’s reservation dates. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the reservation will be required to pay for the full reservation amount of time, regardless of whether Client returned home early or departed later than the prior reservation scheduled. No amount of money will be refunded to Client for early returns to home or late departures from home by Client after a reservation date has been agreed upon.

Cancellation Fee - 8+ days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation: FULL REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT.

4-7 days’ notice for cancellation: 50% OF TOTAL FEE REFUNDED TO CLIENT.

3 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation: NO REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT; FULL


Dog Walking/Daily Services:

Payment - All payments are due by the last scheduled visit of the week.

Late Payments - Payments are considered late if they are not received by the last scheduled visit of the week. If

Client fails to pay for services, PAW PALS LLC holds the right to suspend services until payment is made in full.

Last Minute Appointments - Client agrees to pay a $10 Last Minute Fee to PAW PALS LLC for any reservations set up with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Cancellation Fees - 4+ days’ notice for cancellation: NO FEE CHARGED.

2-3 days’ notice for cancellation: 50% OF TOTAL SERVICE FEE.

1 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation: 100% OF TOTAL SERVICE FEE WILL BE CHARGED.

Severe Weather Policy- If there is a school cancellation in your area due to poor weather conditions, PAW PALS LLC will cancel any dog walking visits scheduled for that day. Client will not be charged for any visits cancelled by PAW PALS LLC.

Discontinuation of Services - Regular dog walk Clients agree to give two (2) weeks’ notice should Client decide to discontinue regular ongoing dog walking service. If Client cannot or does not give two (2) weeks’ notice, Client agrees to compensate PAW PALS LLC for what would have been the total for two weeks of regular dog walking service. PAW PALS LLC agrees that should Client discontinue service due to blatantly poor care/service from walker for any reason, then this two (2) week notice addendum will not be enforced by PAW PALS LLC.

All Services:

Returned Check Fee - There is a $10.00 fee for all returned checks.

Holiday Fee - Client agrees to pay a $20 Holiday Fee for any visits scheduled during holidays recognized by PAW

PALS LLC which are:

New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (after 4PM), Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve (after 4PM).

PAW PALS LLC provides services on all other holidays not listed above (Including all Monday holidays).

Veterinary Care Fee - $40/per hour should the sitter need to take the pet(s) to vet.

Restocking Fee - $40 if the sitter needs to restock supplies that the Client agrees to provide, but does not

provide at the time of the sit (such as pet food or medication).


Owner must provide at least one set of keys for the Handler.

Owner must be sure that any key provided works.

Keys are not to be left hidden outside by the Owner or Handler.

Solicitation of PAW PALS LLC Sitters:

Any pet sitter provided by PAW PALS LLC is employed through PAW PALS LLC and is contracted to work only through PAW PALS LLC and not directly through the individual Client. Client agrees that all reservations for present and future sitting and dog walking must be made through PAW PALS LLC and not the individual sitter. Client is aware that the PAW PALS LLC sitter may give out his/her personal number to the Client. Client agrees to use this number only in the event of an emergency during which the sitter/walker is already employed directly through PAW PALS LLC for Client. Client agrees that this number shall not be used for any solicitation of future pet sitting or dog walking. Client is aware that should this contract be broken, legal fees and misuse-of-staff charges will apply.